Her paintings, mainly acrylic on canvas, have been shown in many exhibitions and galleries in various countries including twice at the renowned Salon Comparaison at the Grand Palais of Paris. Again on two occasions at the Salon des Artists Francais at the Grand Palais, as well as a showing at the Salon des Independants.

Her work is on permanent display at the Musee d'Aubigny situated near Paris, and also in several private collections. You can visit her website at

Her preferred style is classified as contemporary naive art but with some marked differences; not only with the precision of the creations - a medium sized painted in acrylics can take up to 6 weeks to finish - but in her detailed portrayal of characters in her art.

A key element in her compositions is the humorous aspect; the always optimistic and shelfful subjects are reflected in the vibrant and harmonious choice of colours.

Ann-Sophie Burel was born in Montreuil-sur Bois, France. Much of her childhood was spent in the picturesque Marne valley in the countryside west of Paris.

Her artistic career began seriously when she entered, at age 15, the Sornasse School of Art, followed by Charpentier Art School. The quality of her work finally gained her entry to the prestigious Ecole Superieure d'Arts Decoratifs in 1980.

In short, anywhere a painted of Anne-Sophie Burel in her particular style is found, it brings a welcome and lasting feeling of light heartedness.

You can see more compositions, and in different mediums at her website,