About Us - The ART of winemaking

Scott Stefishen is an award winning winemaker whose passion from superior wines has taken him to a variety of wine regions around the world.


Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Scott discovered his passion for wine while tasting his way through the European wine regions including France, Italy and Germany.


Scott honed his craft an Australian University earning degrees in Oenology (Winemaking), Viticulture and Business; Margaret River and Curtin, Western Australia. He earned several prestigious awards and he and his wife welcomed their first child, a son before returning to Canada in 2007.


Continuing to follow his dream, Scott moved his young family to the Okanagan, the wine area of British Columbia, where he worked at several prominent wineries in positions ranging from cellar hand, to assistant winemaker, to head winemaker and consultant.  During this time, Scott continued to garner awards for the wines he created for these and other wineries.


After adding a daughter to his family, Scott with his wife as his biggest cheer leader decided to start his own winery in order to step away from large commercial wineries and focus on his family and the ART to winemaking.


By having his own winery with minimal machinery, Scott believes he has returned to the origins of wine making, focusing on technique and TLC over mass production and chemicals.


Money Pit Wines started in the garage of Scott's family home after a laborious task of obtaining government, municipal and spousal approval. This continues to be a labour of love, producing less than 600 cases of wine yearly.


This year Money Pit Wines will celebrate the release of its first white, bottling its first red and the arrival of Scott's third child.


Everyone has a money pit, its a passion and dedication to an ideal no matter what the cost. This is our winery, our Money Pit.

Scott Stefishen Owner / Winemaker
Kristie Stefishen Owner